C-LOG Picture Profile For Canon DSLR's

Corey Benóit
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**Now Comes with My custom LUTS file for easy grading**

With the release of the new 1DX Mark 2. Everyone is excited to finally have constant focus, and better dynamic range. We only need C-LOG. So I decided to work long and hard on a Custom made C-LOG to closely match the real C-LOG profile. I have worked very hard and long hours to get the colors, contrast, and dynamic range to be extremely similar. I have been fine tuning the color and curves. I will be making other profiles in the near future. I also will make a few other LOG profiles soon. This is a very close replica of C-LOG. It looks great. 

I have used the C-LOG in my Canon 1DC to create this picture profile. I have spent a lot of time tweaking. Most picture profiles are just super flat. True C-LOG has deeper shadows than all C-LOGs on the market. Too much shadow lift will cause noise. Thats what makes Canons Log so good.

I have a lot of time and effort in this profile. The above image is a direct ungraded comparison. Canon C-LOG taken directly from 1DC. The native ISO of Canons C-LOG is 400/800. The native ISO of my C-LOG is 200.

*Update November 22nd 2016* V2.1

As promised the first update. I was able to fix the greencast in indoor shootings as well as smooth yellows and balance the color science even further. I have also been able to match 100% the 1DC highlights roll off. In fact my profile shows 1/3 of a stop better highlight protection. I have overall increased dynamic range about 1/3 stop as well if not more. If you compare this to other users C-LOG profiles, you will see my profile has at least 1 stop more dynamic range. Native ISO is 200/400. In very sunny environments I recommend ND filters and aperture control as ISO 200/400 is better than ISO 100 as it helps lift the shadows.

Let me know what you think of the update, would love to hear your thoughts.

*Update December 2nd 2016* V2.2

Updated Highlights curve to improve dynamic range and realistic colors in the sky. Tweaked and improved color rendition and accuracy in sky colors.

*Update February 7th 2017* OUTDOOR LUTS Available!

Maximizing dynamic range for outdoor shooting these LUTS give you flexibility to get the most out of your Canon!

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C-LOG Picture Profile For Canon DSLR's

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